General Joint Movement x 1-2:00
All 4s Round & Extending x 10
Open Book x 5ea
Forward Hurdle Walk + Lunge and Reach x 3ea
Leg Cradle + Lat Lunge x 3ea
Backward Hurdle Walk + Elbow 2 Instep x 3ea
Push Up Hand Walk x5 total
Squat Jumps x 3

Every 3:00 perform 3-5 weighted pull ups with 50% 1RM for 5 total sets

Scale to bodyweight only pull ups for 2-4 reps which can be broken, if needed…

Move to tempo banded pull ups, negatives, negatives plus partials or tough Ring rows…

Door pull ups, table rows or bent over Rows, etc

10 Alt. DB Snatches (40-55/55-70#)
1:00 Hollow Hold/Plank Hold (Alt. rounds)
(10:00 AMRAP)

Perform hollow holds on odds rds and plank holds on even rounds with the goal to get to round 4 or 5 on this one…

Pick a DB weight that takes about 60 secs to perform 10 reps or so and scale Hollow holds to a variation that allows completion in 2 sets or less…

Hollow hold scale options:
1 bent knee (Alternate knee every 10 secs)
2 bent knees into chest + hand reach

Sub in anything you have for Snatches, but the holds should be doable at home…

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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