Last day of our squat program!

Work up to 90% 1RM Front OR Back Squat and perform ONE SET of near max reps with heavy emphasis on technique and safety…
(Once things start to breakdown even slightly rack the barbell)

Anything over 4 reps with 90% is a PR but let feel be your guide and don’t push things that might not be there…

Warm ups:
50% x 5, 65% x 3, 75% x3, 80% x2, 85% x 1

Use whatever resistence you have and do a set of 5-10 tempo weighted squat reps until things get tough to hold GREAT technique

200m Run
11 KB Swings (26-35/44-53#)
6 Pull Ups (Any kind, just chin above)
* 6 rounds for time
(12:00 cap)

This one should be mostly unbroken if possible and fast so adjust weights accordingly and most pull up rep down to as little as 3 needed…

Use a DB or bag/etc for Swings or even sub in a straight Deadlift if your weights are unsafe to swing and do whatever pulling option you have that you can do fast and unbroken (door pull ups, table rows, DB rows, etc)

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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