5RM Overhead Squat
* Bar must be taken from the floor and can be snatched or clean and jerked into place before starting your OH squats

Everyone will have different depths for this one so focus on should and foot/knee control mainly to determine your “full squat”

Mess with some DB OH Squats for 5 each arm or switch to DB front squats if needed or even just mess with a broomstick or PVC for slow OH squats for multiple sets

100m Run
10 Wall Ball Shots (10-14/14-20)
5 T2B
* 10 min AMRAP

The goal here is unbroken and fast rounds throughout if possible for move wall ball weights down and T2B reps down as needed or switch to straight leg raises or knee raises also…

Move to single DB thrusters if you don’t have a ball to throw and go all the way down to straight leg sit ups if needed for T2B sub

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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