We will do some skill work on Rope Climbs and KB Swings prior to starting on this one…

1 Legless Rope Climb (No jumping)
10/15 Cal Row
20 Single Arm KB Bent Over Row (10 each side)
10/15 Cal Row
20 Russian KB Swings
* 15 minute AMRAP

Pick a KB weight that makes the Rows tough but manageable and use that same weight for your Swings…

Sub in 1/2 legless rope climbs, rope pull ups, rope pull up holds or Seated climbs…

1-2 Door Pull Ups or Towel PUs
1:00 Run or 10/15 Cal Row
20 Bent Over DB Rows (10ea)
1:00 Run or 10/15
20 DB Swings
* 15 min AMRAP

Use any resistance you have or sub in table Rows and find something you can deadlift for 20 reps as a further home sub

20 Push Up Position Shoulder Taps (Slowly)
10 Open Books on each Side
50′ Lateral Bear Crawls (25′ down and back)
20 Push Up Position Opposite Toe Touches
(10 each side but alternate for the 20)
* 2 sets for quality

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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