General upper body work for 2:00
Jumping Jack x 30 total
(10 normal, 10 side to side and 10 up and down)
All 4s Round and Ext x 10-15
Open Book x 5ea
Double Arm Floor Lat Stretch x :30
Forward Lunge and Reach x 5ea side
Overhead hand walks + Opp toe touch x 5 total
PVC Pipe Cuban Presses x 10
Push Up Position Shoulder Taps x 20
Push Up Position Arm/Leg Raises HOLDS x :30ea side

50 Ring Rows
50 Hand Release Push Ups
50 STRICT Toes 2 Bar
50 STRICT Handstand Push Ups
50 Ring Rows
(25:00 cap)

No rep scaling on this one, but rather scale the movements down for each movement and the 50 rep volume you have to complete…

Here are a layout of option:

Ring Rows – Walk up more to decease difficulty
Push Ups – Move to a box between 12-30″
Toes 2 Bar – Strict Straight Leg Raises or Bent Knee Raises, but control the descent to avoid any backswing
1. Bear Crawl HSPU or Knees on Box HSPU
2. Toes on Box HSPUs
3. On wall with plates under an AbMat
4. Regular depth HSPUs

Similar to above but use a table to perform Rows, push ups to a coffee table, strict and slow reverse sit ups and any of the HSPU options listed above as well…

Perform another TWO sets of tempo Cuban presses, set of 20 shoulder taps and arm/leg raise HOLDS post workout…

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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