General Joint Movement x 1-2:00
Run or Row or Ski for 2:00
All 4s Round & Extending x 10
Open Book x 5ea
Forward Hurdle Walk + Lunge and Reach x 3ea
Leg Cradle + Lat Lunge x 3ea
Backward Hurdle Walk + Elbow 2 Instep x 3ea
Push Up Hand Walk x5 total
Squat Jumps x 3

DB strength/power endurance fun

1 Single Arm DB Hang Clean
1 SA DB Thruster
1 SA DB Clean
1 SA DB Thruster
1 Single Arm DB Hang Snatch
1 SA Overhead Reverse Lunge
1 SA DB Snatch
1 SA OH Reverse Lunge
* Perform ALL on LEFT arm first, then do another 8 reps on the Right arm to finish the set

Do 4 total sets up to a tough final set…

Same as above but use whatever resistance you have and work each side with the same movements

Wall Ball
Cals on the Rower/Ski
(10:00 cap)

You pic the reps on this one but you must match those reps on the Rower to finish with the goal of barely finishing in under the 10 minute cap…

Reps should be between 60-100 per exercise but you just do all the wall Ball before completing the row/ski…

Work for 60-100 lightweight thrusters then do a 4-5:00 run to finish (2-2:30 out then 2-2:30 back)

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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