12 Cal Row or 200-300m Jog
Hip Series stretching working on the tighter hip longer x 1-2:00 per side
Hip Bridges on one leg x 10ea
Hip Bridges on two legs x 10 total
Doorway Rack & Chest Stretch x :30 (Elbow into doorway)
Leg Cradle + Lat Lunge x 5ea
Hurdle walk into Elbow 2 Instep + Hamstring x 3ea
Push Up Hand Walks x 5
Max height squat Jumps x 2-3

Back Squat
4-3-2-1 @ 87.5% (Be accurate with weights)

Warm ups:
55×5, 70×3, 80×2, 85×1-2

Ideally these hopefully will go unbroken, but don’t hesitate to rerack the barbell whenever needed and keep safety and technique the main emphasis…

Take extra rest between sets and belt up also on this one…

Keep working tempo DB/KB or whatever resistance you have for squats, but slow the descent down and hold the bottom of the squat to make the above reps more difficult and even double the reps up if you like

“Rowing Rhonda”
12 Burpee Plate Jumps (25/45# plate)
12 Calories on the Row (10 on Ski)
* 10 rounds for time
(20:00 cap)

Smooth paces and low stroke rates on the Row to get a little bit of recovery between Burpee sets…

12 Burpee Step Jumps or about a 2-4″ object
:20 Run Out
:20 Run Back
* 10 rounds for time
(20:00 cap)

Justin VanBeek

Written by: Justin VanBeek

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