Tuesday 2.9.21

Warm-up: Farmers vs. Lumberjacks   Skill: Elementary: Skin the cats/Rings-hang and swing (work on grip) Teen: Thruster   Workout: Elementary: 7:00-9:00 AMRAP 5 Burpees Cone to cone sprint 5 Squats Cone to cone sprint 5 Ring Rows Cone to cone sprint   Teen: Open Workout 15.5 27-21-15-9 reps for time

Saturday 2.6.21

Warm-up: Trash on my Yard   Skill: Elementary: Push ups Teen: DB Push Press/Cleans   Workout: Elementary: Tabata (:20 work/:40 rest) (2-3X through) Push ups Lunges Ring Rows Plank   Teen: Open Workout 15.4 Complete as many rounds as possible in 8:00 of: 10 DB push presses 10 cleans (35-45/55)

Tuesday 2.2.21

2/2/2021 Warm-up: Hot potato   Skill: Elementary: Jump Rope/wall ball Teen: Double unders/wall ball   Workout: Elementary: Complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible in 6:00-8:00 (depending on class size) of: 5 wall ball (Squat and throw med ball over kids pull up bar — coaches will set appropriate

Saturday 1.30.21

SATURDAY, JANUARY 30TH Elementary: Warm up: Musical Medicine Ball   Workout: 6:00-8:00 AMRAP 6 PVC (or med ball) front squat 6 jumping pull ups 1 rope swing (set up a box – athletes will swing off the box. Each athlete is responsible for bringing the rope back for the next

Tuesday 1.19.21

1/19/2021 Elementary: Warm up: Farmers vs. Lumberjacks   Skill: Air squats/KB Deadlifts   Workout: AMRAP (Time will be decided based on class size/time) 20 jump ropes 10 air squats 5 KB deadlifts   Game: Pizza Box Game   Teens: Skill: Overhead Squat w/ 3 sec. pause at bottom   Workout:

SATURDAY 1.16.21

1/16/2021 Elementary: Skill: Jumping pull ups/Pull ups/Holds (Choose your ability level) Push ups (box or floor) Workout: **Work your way across room (push ups under one rig, sit ups in middle, jumping pull ups on other rig–rearrange if needed based on number of kids) 5:00-8:00 AMRAP (base time on class

Tuesday 1.12.21

Elementary Warm Clean out the Yard Skill Reverse OH Lunge (“pressed to the sky” – loaded or unloaded) Work 4 Burpee & Jump over your med ball 5 Medball Front Squat 6 Reverse OH lunge (loaded or unloaded) 7:00 AMRAP Game Bear Crawl Ball Played the same as clean out

Saturday 1.9.21

Elementary Warm Musical Medicine Balls Skill Box Push-Ups Ring Rows Work 7 Ball Slam 6 Ring Row 5 Box Push-Up 6:00 AMRAP Game Pizza Boxes or Open Gym Teens Warm General Body Jog :20 Rest :10 Backpedal :20 Rest :10 Side Shuffle (switch directions at :10) :20 Rest :10 Carioca

Tuesday 1.5.21

Elementary Warm Burpee Basketball Skill Medball Deadlift Jump The Tower Work 7 Medball Deadlift 6 Sit-ups 5 Burpees Game Cone Blaster Teens Warm :45 Bike/Ski 10 squats 10 empty bar press :30 Bike/Ski 5 handwalk/opposite toe touch/hand leg raise Lat stretch x 3 ea Elbow to instep x 3 ea

Saturday 1.2.21

Elementary Warm Squat Buckets Skill DB Push Press Work 5 push press 5 MB Squat 5 Jump Rope 5:00 AMRAP Game Dodge Ball Switch Teens Skill 2 Position Snatch 1 hang + 1 floor Work 10 Toes to Bar 10 DB Snatch 10 Shoulder to Overhead 10 Front Squat 10

Tuesday 12.22.20

Elementary Warm Sharks and Minnows Ball Tag Skill DB Cleans Work 5 DB Cleans, then Obstacle Course 8:00 AMRAP Game CrossFit Kickball Teens Warm Rowling Work 12 Days of Christmas 1 Wall Walk 2 Rower over Burpees 3 KB Deadlift 4 Slam Ball Thruster 5 KB Swings 6 Sit-Ups 7

Saturday 12.19.20

Elementary Warm Ball Tag Skill Box Step-Ups Work 2 Burpees 4 Box Step-Ups 6 Sit-ups 7:00 AMRAP Game Sharks vs Minnows Teens Strength Front Squat 5×5 Work Minute 1 1 burpee Minute 2 1 Box Jump Minute 3 2 Burpees Minute 4 2 Box Jumps etc…until you can’t complete the

Tuesday 12.15.20

Elementary Warm Clean out the Yard Skill Plank Row MB Press Work 2 MB Press 4 Laying knee tucks 6 Plank DB Rows 6:00 AMRAP Game Clean out the yard Soccer Style! Teens Work 50 Cal Row/Bike 40 Toes to Bar/Hanging Knee Raises 30 Wall Ball 20 DB Clean 10

Saturday 12.12.20

Elementary Warm Clean out the yard Skill Bar skills DB Rows Work 2 Bar Muscle Ups 4 DB Rows 6 Box overs Game Clean out the yard soccer style Teens Row warm-Up and general & bar warm-up Strength Squat Clean and Jerk x 1 and add weight as successful Work

Saturday 12.5.20

Elementary Warm Pizza Boxes Skill KB DL MB Dip and Press Work 3 KB DL 3 MB Dip and Press 3 Jumps and Lands Game Sharks and Minnows Teens Warm Skill BackSquat 5×5 Work 1 Min AMRAP 5 DB Squat 5 Burpee :30 Rest 1:00 AMRAP 15 DB/KB Swings 5

Tuesday 12.1.20

Elementary Warm Pyramid Skill Medicine Ball Cleans Work 1:00 5 Medicine Ball Cleans, burpees with remaining time 1:00 Rest 5 Rounds Game Goal!!! Teens Warm Bike 1:00 Air Squat x 10 Bike :45 barbell front squat x 5 Bike :30 Inchworm x 3 lunge/reach/elbow to instep x 3 ea Bike

Saturday 11.28.20

Elementary Farmers and lumberjacks Teens Broad and General Warm-up Teens Skill BackSquat 5×5 Work 1 Min AMRAP 5 Squat 5 Burpee :30 Rest 1:00 AMRAP 15 DB/KB Swings 5 DB Squats :30 Rest 1:00 AMRAP 5 Sit-ups 5 Push-ups :30 Rest 2/3 Rounds for Reps Game CrossFit Baseball    

Tuesday 11.24.20

Elementary Warm Squat Buckets Skill Bar wars/Bar Push-Ups Work Tabata 4x Through Box Jumps Ball Slams Jumping Pull-Ups/Ring Rows Rest Game Clean out the Yard Bear Crawl/Crab Style Teens Warm Skill Unbroken DB Snatch x 5 ea 3-4 rounds Work Tabata 8 rounds Box Jumps, Ball Slams,Pull-ups/Ring Rows, Rest  

Saturday 11.21.20

Elementary Warm Hydro Shuffle/Red light/Green light Work 1 Wall Walk 5 MB Thruster 10 Shoulder Taps Game Pizza Boxes Teens Warm Rowling & General Warm-Up Skill Bear Complex Work 5 Cal Row 10 burpees Plate Raises 3:00 Cap, Rest 2:00 20:00 AMRAP