Elementary Warm Tabata Warm-Up Slow Controlled Squat Ball Slams Plank Jumping lunges Skill Single Arm DB Hang Clean & Press Jump Rope Work 8 Alt DB Hang Clean & Press 15 Jump Rope 5:00 AMRAP 1:00 Rest 4 Alt DB Hang Clean & Press 10 Jump Rope 3:00 AMRAP Game Ball

Saturday 11.14.20

Elementary Warm Red light/Green Light Work 3 rounds of Kelly Brown-ish: 100 M Run 10 Box Jumps 10 MBDeadlift 10 Wall Balls Game Elevated Cone Blaster Teens Warm Hydro Shuffle Barbell RDL, FS, Press, BS Lat stretch Elbow to Instep Lateral lunge Ball Slam Skill Hang Power Clean Work Kelly

Tuesday 11.10.20

Elementary Warm Pizza Boxes Skill DB Front Squat Rope Climbs Work 7:00 AMRAP 7 DB Front Squats 1 Rope ascent/seated climb Game CrossFit Kickball Teens Warm Row 1:00 Alternating forward lunge x 10 Row :45 Alternating lateral lunge x 8 Row :30 Squat stretch/Toe grab Elbow to instep x 2

Tuesday 10.27.20

Elementary Warm Squat Potato Skill DB Snatch Jump Rope Work 7:00 AMRAP of 4 Alt DB Snatch 10 Jumprope Game Chuck and Shag Cone Blaster or dodge ball  switch (own ball)   Teens Warm Hydro Shuffle (rig to rig…jog, shuffle, backward run, carioca), lunge&reach stretch x :30 each, floor shoulder

Tuesday 10.20.19

Elementary Warm-Up Obstacle Course Skill Work Game Over the River Teens Warm-Up Row 1:00 Lunge and reach x 3 ea Row :30 Lateral Lunge x 2 ea Row :15 Floor Lat Stretch x 3 ea Lunge/Reach/E2I x 2 ea Floor Hip raises x 8-10 Skill BackSquat (demo) 5×5 Working on

Tuesday 10.13.20

Elementary Warm Musical Medicine Ball – Kids will run, skip, backwards run, shuffle, etc around the med balls and when music stops will squat hold over a ball. Anyone left over will perform 2 burpees. Skill Ring Rows Box Push-Ups Work 5 Ring Rows (own rings), 5  Box Push-Ups, 5

Tuesday 10.6.20

Elementary Warm – Farmers and Lumberjacks Skill – MB Thruster/Russian Twist/DB Deadlift (small plate) Work – 2 MB Thruster, 4 Russian Twist, 6 DB Deadlift Game – Kickball Teens Warm Bike/Row 1:00 5 ball press Bike/Row :45 5 ball squat Bike/Row :30 5 MB slam Elbow to Instep/Hamstring Floor lat

Tuesday 9.29.20

Elementary Warm-Up Squat Basketball Block Skill Hillbilly Sled Push/Jump Rope Work 8:00 AMRAP 1 Hillbilly Sled Push 3 Burpee 1 Hillbilly 3 Sit-Up Game Chuck and Shag Cone Blaster Teens Skill Power Snatch/Jump Rope Work 1:00 2 Power Snatch then… AMRAP Single Unders/Double Unders 1:00 Rest 6 Rounds for Max

Tuesday 9.22.20

Elementary Warm burpee field goals Skill Row Skills (everyone) Wall Walk DB Clean Work 8:00 AMRAP 3 jumping pull-up 5 DB Power Clean 8 Cal Row Game Powerball Teens Skill Power Clean Pull-Ups Work 20:00 AMRAP 3 Wall Walk/KPU’s (6 Jumping BMU’s) 10 Power Clean 25 Cal Row/Ski/Bike 50 M

Tuesday 9.15.20

Elementary Warm Squat buckets Skill DB Snatch BMU’s/Pull-Up Bar Skills Work 8:00 AMRAP of 2 BMU’s 4 DB Snatch 75 M run Game Clean out the yard Soccer Style Teens Skill Pistols progressions Work 12:00 AMRAP for total weight 400 M Run As many DB Thusters without putting down the

Tuesday 9.8.20

Elementary Warm – Plank Potato Skill – Box Jumps for height, Air Squats Work – 8:00 AMRAP 3 Burpee Plate Raises 6 Box Jumps Game Dodge Ball Switch Teens Skill – KB Swing, Box Jump for height Work 12:00 AMRAP 5 KB Swing 10 Burpee Box Jump

Tuesday 9.1.20

Elementary Warm – Burpee Ball Tag Skill – DB Press, Plate Squats Work 8:00 AMRAP 2 DB Press 4 Plate Squat 6 Box/Bar Push-Up Game Cone Blaster Teens Skill – Barbell Strict Press/Front Squat Work 1o Rounds for Time (20:00 Cutoff) 3 Press 6 Front Squat 9 Cal Bike

Tuesday 8.11.20

Elementary Warm-Up Musical Medicine Balls Skill Medicine Ball Thrusters Knee Raises Work 8:00 AMRAP 50 M Run 3 Medicine Ball Thrusters 5 Knee Raises Game Clean Out the Yard (Soccer Style!) Teens Skill OH Squat x 3 Work 75 M Run 5 Thruster 3 Toes To Bar/Knees to Elbows/Knee Raises

Tuesday 8.4.20

Elementary Warm Parking Lot Skill DB hang Clean and Jerk Pull-Ups/Bar &Grip games Work 9:00 AMRAP 5 DB Clean and Jerk 4 Pull-Up 3 Burpee Game T-Shirt Tag Teens Skill Clean and Push-Jerk Work 1 Clean and Push-Jerk 1 Bar-Over Burpee 1 Pull-Up 2 2 2 …and so on 15:00

Tuesday 7.28.20

Elementary Warm 4:00 AMRAP 5 Jumping Jacks, 4 Squats, 3 MB Slams, 2 burpee (Kids move forward in a line across the gym Skill DB Swings/Chin-Ups/Jumping Chin-Ups Work 7:00 AMRAP 50 M Run, 5 DB Swings, 3 Jumping Chin-Ups (Space kids on run) Game Open Gym (1 kid per piece

Tuesday 7.7.20

Elementary  Warm Squat Buckets Skill Skill ladder, DB Front Squat+Press Work 7:00 5 DB Front Squat+Press, 10 Shoulder Taps, Skill Laddder Game Goal!!! Teens Arnold Press Back Squat to a challenging set of 3 Challenge max time plate hold (Pincer grasp)